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Recognised in 2015 by Standard Bank as one of the Fintech Top 20 Companies in Africa.
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Tree Roadtrip May / June 2016
Cape Town Stellenbosch
Strand / Somerset West Durban
Port Elizabeth Bloemfontein
Johannesburg Pretoria

Precise details to follow. Please contact us if you want your own demo.

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Emerging BEE Category of the DTI Technology Awards 2013

We have also received funding through their Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII)

Oracle BlackBerry Mobile Apps Challenge winner 2013

We are also Oracle Gold partners.
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Gazelle Development Program 2016

Open Data - Industry Connections

Korwe Software is helping build Open Data through the IEEE Industry Connections program.

This initiative will address Open Data from three key perspectives:

  • Open does not mean All. Personal Privacy and Security needs to be central in an Open Data standard
  • Open does not imply Free. This is a reprise of Richard Stallman’s refrain that one should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”.
  • Open has political implications which we seek to avoid. This process should help all institutions manage the making of data available.

There are many initiatives that relate to Open Data. This initiative will focus initially on a local Use Case of providing town councils and municipalities with a way of managing their data to provide for their citizens, assist entrepreneurs and foster openness. The initiative will provide a ‘safe place’ for leaders from diverse sectors to collaborate.

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