Personalising data for mobile

All the scafolding you need to get your services onto the mobiles of your clients, customers and suppliers.

UI: drop in HTML, CSS and images. White label options. iOS, aOS and BB containers.

Services: Java, C# and many others with our API and SDK.

Middleware: configurable workflow, sign on, and more.

What's happening at Korwe?

The Core

Download: GitHub + Install Notes*

Vagrant Installer*

The Tree

Sign up from 1 September 2013 as an alpha tester.

Companies wishing to host their own solution should look at The Core. more info

Do you know what an ESB is? Do you want workflow? Do you like Java? Do you like Open Source and Ubuntu? This is for you.

The Tree is a mobile cloud service for high street stores or SMME's.

Are you looking to create a new funky mobile product but do not have the time to do everything from scratch: mobile, cloud, design, ... The Tree is where you want to be.

Our Context Engine is used by both The Tree and The Core. It is also available as an independent plugable service.

Are you looking to personalise your data, build a recommendation engine, or just move into the 3rd millennium? This is a plugin service that uses advanced techniques and algorithms to personalise data.

Software services

We also do architecture, training, process improvement, turnkey development and consulting for projects requiring large components of data and mobile expertise.

What we do

Our products help companies get at data in the enterprise so that it can be personalised. We address the need for companies to organise and repurpose their data for mobile in a way that delights their customers.

Our technology is based around a concept called Context, which we use to make the interaction of people with information personalised, seamless and automated. The context-aware computing market was expected to grow to $12 billion by 2012 and is now expected to be worth $120 Billion by 2018.

Our solution has two unique features

  • our platform handles all the service plumbing so that you can focus on your domain application
  • we present the data to the user in a ‘simple’ way.

We have clients with mission critical systems that depend on our product, and we have clients whose services are highly rated due to work we have done for them.

Korwe Software has three products:

  • Context Engine - this is in pre-alpha release. 
  • The Core - a mature technology available for 2 years
  • The Tree - a solution to be an alpha release at the end of August 2013.

By using Korwe Software’s products and services, we help your managers relax knowing that they can develop, manage and maintain your services in delighting your clients and simplifying their lives.

Korwe Software is a technology partner offering products, services and consultation. Our speciality lies in workflow, state, device-recognition, enterprise patterns, software engineering, Java, Grails, C#, C++ and an understanding of related communications and social networking technologies.

We also help you move your services from the web to mobile, making your services more accessible and integrated. We reduce your cost and risk by providing a stable platform, while allowing you to add more users and functionality with no drama.

We support a variety of front-end technologies and are able to integrate with many back-end technologies; even remote, unreliable and slow services. The ability to manage your services is built in. The usability of the services is enhanced through personalization for each user, customisation by channel and stability.

We create a simple and uncluttered approach for mobile users to get what they need from the web.

  • Product: Mobile and Enterprise Platform, Reference Services and plugins

    • Operational and Business Intelligence support

    • Context Engine

  • Turnkey software development

    • Workflow and State

    • Integration and scaling

    • High performance

  • Consulting

    • software engineering

    • mobile and enterprise    

In words

Like you, we believe that a good relationship between you and your client is the key ingredient to your mutual success.  With this in mind, we enable you to give your client access to only the information they need, saving them time and money.  We help their mobile device and your data to integrate smoothly.

The mobile Web is not about clicking from page to page. People want just the right information - for instance, if a person is at a train station they want to know when the next four trains are leaving, not a 24X7 time table of all the trains at the station.” David Hislop

If your company wants to make enterprise data available to people with mobile devices, we can make your life really easy!” Nithia Govender

We write really good software for a real-world context.” Nithia Govender

Using our software to integrate with your solutions makes them a reality.” David Hislop

In pictures

A Korwe Story - App Attack

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