Let me layout my biases before getting to my story. To paraphrase Montgomery (F.M.) we need a Plan and a Man. First about the Plan: Stalin and George Marshall both had a Plan, but where the good General and the bad Generalissimo would differ, is that the plan needs to be regularly adapted through rational feedback. Progress needs to be measured against the plan. This is another way of saying no to more grand 5 year plans. We do not have this... more
I was recently reflecting on science in the modern era. This was with regard to ICT research. (More about the term ICT later.) My first port of call was to remind myself about Abdus Salam [1] (the Nobel prize winning Pakistani physicist of the Standard Model fame)  
I remember when the doubts first crept in: the tester said that she could not discuss the tests because she needed to attend a Sprint Planning meeting. Recently I witnessed members of an Agile team just stopping when they got stuck. Apparently, they had whined a little at a standup, but failed spectacularly to stand-up, cross the room and ask the obvious question to someone who could help. Since then I have come to realise that I absolutely hate... more
Thank you for following us on this journey to launch this the Tree. It is a tool to help small companies get their inventories online the mobile web. We are finishing up the Client Portal now and will be releasing it in the next 2-4 weeks as an alpha release. This will mean that the whole product is in alpha, both the Client and the Customer portal. We have been busy with three companies as a Proof of Concept that will be released as part of... more
We all know how to build the product right, that is use Agile and the right tool. The more important question is to build the right product. Why are we building a product, what is is going to do, how will it work and for whom. We have all been in the situation where the CEO of Mega Corp has a Bright Idea, and wishes it built. He (it is a he) communicates the Bright Idea to his project manager and what emerges is a magnificent tome (involving... more
Now that we are members of BRICS and we are supposedly exporting because of the week Rand my claim that we really need to be creating an internal market seems odd.  Yet I am firmly convince that if our end goal is to seek to export our products then we are doing something wrong. Let me briefly deal with mining,  mainly to exclude it from the further conversation. Would it not have been far more beneficial for the country to sell value-added... more
At the recent Maker Conference [1] I raised a question from the floor for the panel that referred to the observation that when it came to small businesses (SMBs) a lot was being done about the Supply Side but somewhat less for the Demand Side. What I mean by this is that their are universities, incubators and show-and-tell competitions all encouraging innovators and entrepreneurs, but somewhat less being done in consuming their wares. What is... more
David Hislop was part of the South Africa / Nigeria breakfast on 4 June 2015 at CTICC in Cape Town. The discussion was facilitated by Business Day and the Mail and Guardian. Korwe has visited Lagos in the past. We saw plenty of opportunities, but the cost of developing these opportunities was prohibitive. Nonetheless, the possibilities are worth consideration. We found the South African delegation quite uninspiring - in their speaches, they were... more
David Hislop from Korwe Software was invited to be a panelist in a discussion on the "Role of Information Technology on SMME growth" at the 2015 SMME Conference on 4 June 2015. The moderator, Councilor Garreth Bloor, from City of Cape Town was replaced at the last moment by Mr Carlo Vizzi.
The Department of Telecommunication & Postal Services (South Africa) recently asked for comment on their proposals for their policy on IT and Communications. To cut a long story short (100s of pages): their policy is an impossible melange of the improbable, imperative and incomprehensible.  (We did make a submission here. Not that they cared.) In my opinion,... more


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